How To Spruce Up Your Letter Holder

Aug 7 2018

How To Spruce Up Your Letter Holder

Spruce up your letter holder in no time with the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ crafting range. Here’s how.

You Will Need (all available in Dealz)

  • Letter holder
  • ‘Let’s Celebrate’ paper
  • ‘Let’s Celebrate’ decorations
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape


  1. Place the letter holder on top of the white side of the envelope paper and trace around the top of the letter holder, including the heart. Cut out the shape.
  2. Stick the paper inside the letter holder using double sided tape.
  3. Use the heart print paper to cover the front and sides of the letter holder. The front is 10 x 15 cms and the sides are 10 x 4.5cms.
  4. Stick four bunting shapes to the front of the letter holder and finish with three mini bows joining the bunting together.

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