How To Make Your Own Christmas Angel

Dec 5 2014

How To Make Your Own Christmas Angel

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Angel, making this with your little one can be fun and adds a little bit of excitement and joy when adding to your Christmas tree each year.



  1. Take two square muslin cloths, and lay one over the other
  2. Lay a polystyrene ball in the centre and bunch together for the head, wrap wool around the bottom of the ball and snip off excess wool.
  3. For the arms cut a length of wired ribbon and tie the ends together and cut off excess, now twist the ribbon round to make the arms firm.
  4. Lift up the top layer of muslin and tie the arms around underneath the head. Bring the top layer down so the arms are visible each side and fix wool under the arms to secure the dress.
  5. For added embellishment we’ve added a bracelet around the middle; it looks pretty and also hides the wool. Add silver gems to the bottom of the top muslin layer, be sure to do the back and front.
  6. For the eyes, lips and the hair use thread or wool. Keep it small for the eyes and lips. For the hair sow from the back to the front and repeat until the whole head is covered. We’ve sown a gold bracelet from the same Purple Ivy set to form her halo.
  7. Sew the two snowflake garlands for the wings onto the back of the angel.
  8. Add to the tree or hang in pride of place.

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