How To Fill In Eyebrows

Dec 20 2016

How To Fill In Eyebrows

Get the perfect brows by using our eyebrow kit to fill in and add shape.

  1. Measure where the eyebrow should end by angling a thin brush from the edge of the nose towards the outer corner of the eye
  2. Measure where the eyebrow should start by angling the brush straight from the edge of the nose
  3. Using our eyebrow kit in the closest colour to your natural brows and an angular brush, begin to apply the product in the outer proportion of the brow first using soft feathery strokes to fill and shape the brow
  4. With the left over product on the brush, fill the front of the brows following the direction of the hair growth
  5. Once both eyebrows have been filled, enhance the definition by adding and blending a little concealer below the arch and up to the end of the brow

Now you have the perfect eyebrows to complement any makeup look!

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