Half Term Fun

Feb 17 2014

Half Term Fun

It’s half term and children love to have fun. Keep them occupied and engaged whilst satisfying their creative side with these activities.

  • 6169Create a dance routine

This will definitely keep them busy all afternoon as well as active. Using props makes it even more fun and it’ll encourage team work as they can create a cheer-leading chant with their friends.

  • 106557Puppet show

Children love to have a laugh and they can use their story making skills to create a puppet show. It’ll be loads of fun if they’re making their own puppets.

  • 103151_1Car racing games

A bit of healthy competition is exciting and you can bring out your child’s ambitious side with various car racing competitions and adventures.

  • 92174Finger painting

Finger painting is a simple way to create some art. Let your child release their inner artist and experiment with different colours.

  • 1566Create clay toys

Some children like to mold and make things. They can get hands on and create some monsters or their favourite film characters from clay.

  • 24875Doctor, doctor

Does she want to be a doctor? Or maybe a princess? Children have huge imaginations and enthusiasm. Make believe is a fun way to pass time using the imagination and by getting into a character role.


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