Hair Accessories

Dec 10 2013

Hair Accessories

Here are some great ideas to help you give funky or glamorous twists to simple hairstyles. It’s up to you to mix it up, be creative and try all the fabulous products and accessories that Dealz has in store for you at amazing value. 

Sponge Ball CurlersCurlers

It’s surprisingly easy to create bouncy, curly, attention- grabbing hair with these super-soft sponge ball curlers.

Start rolling from the ends upwards, making sure the ends are wrapped around and tucked into the roller to avoid kinks or random straight hairs. To create the effect shown here with a straight root area, only roll to mid-way up the hair. If you want curls from the root, simply lift the section of hair upwards so that you can carry on wrapping it around the roller all the way to the root. For best results, work with dampened hair and leave overnight, the curlers are really comfy and in the morning you’ll wake up to hair that’s curly, bouncy and full of volume.

Sponge ball curlers

FascinatorEasy Fascinator

A fascinator will add an extra touch of style to any look.

Depending on your hairstyle, simply clip the fascinator wherever it looks best, it’s that simple. This range also comes with a safety pin, which allows them to be used as broaches.


Faux hairPlaited Headband

Available in blonde, brown or black, this plaited headband is elasticated to make it really easy to put on. Simply put it over your head, with the elasticated band at the back. Push back the plaited part as shown here until it feels comfortable.

Plaited Headband

Faux hair bowThe Faux Hair Bow

This simple, stylish, faux hair bow comes with a little clip attached to make it really easy to attach to your hair. In the style shown here, backcomb the top section of hair to give it some height. Then twist the section, to bring it together, then simply take the clip and clip it into place.

Faux hair bow

Faux hair ponytail bandFaux Hair Ponytail Band

This elasticated faux hair ponytail band is designed to look like you have tied your hair back using your own hair.

Simply tie your hair into a ponytail as you would do with any other hairband, making sure the elasticated part sits underneath, with the hair section on top, as shown here.

Faux hair ponytail band

VolumiserThe Hair Twist Volumiser

This elasticated hairband covered with hair is perfect for adding extra volume to tied back hair.

To achieve this particular style, tie the hair into a ponytail, then backcomb slightly and pin around the bobble using hair grips to give a simple, messy bun, that gives the overall look extra volume and thickness.

Hair twist volumiser

The DonutThe Donut

To create this style you’ll need the soft foam donut. Tie the hair up into a high ponytail. Backcomb the hair slightly for a relaxed look, before it is put through the donut. Once through the donut, secure with two pins.

Next, open the ponytail like a fan to cover the donut, then section-by– section, tuck the hair under and secure with pins or curvy grips.

Add a sophisticated, elegant touch using the occasion pins to turn the hairstyle from a casual, daytime look, to an evening style that would be a fabulous up-do for a wedding, party or ball.

Hair Donut

The Spin PinsThe Spin Pins

To create this look, first spray the hair with hairspray to add a little bit of texture, then gather all the hair on the back and twist it into a bun.

Don’t worry if little strands of hair escape from the bun, this is a relaxed look.

Take the Spin Pin and twist this like a screw until it goes into the bun and grips the bun in place. Then do the same thing with the other side of the bun.

There you have it, a casual hair bun in minutes that will stay in place using our fabulous spin pins.

Spin Pins

Volumising Inserts for a BeehiveVolumising Inserts for a Beehive

This is a quick and easy way to create a fantastic 50’s beehive.

To start, separate the front section of the hair from ear to ear and backcomb it slightly. Spray to hold the backcombed roots. There are different volumising inserts to choose from, depending on how high you want the beehive to be: here we chose the high one.

Now simply place it wherever you want the highest section to be.

The little spikes grip onto the hair, so all you have to do is cover it with the front section of hair and pin at the back as shown here.

An authentic 50’s look in no time at all!

Volumising inserts


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