Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Apr 3 2019

Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Putting on the best Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t need to make you crack! Here are five tips for you to think about when planning your egg hunt.

  1. Be safe – The safety of the children and adults is the main priority. If you are hiding your prizes outside, and kids are involved be sure to never place prizes in tree trunks, holes, or near poisonous plants. If you are hiding your prizes indoors, avoid hiding them near electrical outlets and protect your valuables to prevent them from being knocked over.
  2. Make a list of all the hiding places – This may sound simple but a lot of people find prizes months later when they didn’t write down the places they hid them!
  3. Think about small children – Don’t hide prizes in high places, unless you plan to have an age related hunt you may want to keep low to the ground where the prizes can be found. Always set the scene for young children and gives clues as to where in the garden they can find the prizes.
  4. Have some extra special prizesWith Dealz’s egg hunt kit there’s a golden egg which you could use in your egg hunt as a token for an egg-stra special, large prize.
  5. Mix it upYou don’t have to only include sweets and chocolate in your hunt, why not fill eggs with small toys and prizes so that the children end their hunt with lots of treasures?

Happy Hunting!

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