Cute Witch Face Paint How-To

Oct 24 2018

Cute Witch Face Paint How-To

Witches can be cute too! Here’s how to get create this look for Halloween. 


  1. Draw triangle shapes in whatever colour you like above the eyebrows and draw circles on the cheeks. Paint the lips the same colour too.
  2. Stretch fishnet tights above the eyebrows and fill in with white to create a scale effect. Use the black face paint to draw curved lines coming outwards from the eyebrows and along the top of the nose on each side. Draw a swirl pattern on each check too.
  3. Draw a spider on the forehead by using the black face paint to draw a large circle for the body and a smaller circle for the head. Draw four legs going upwards and four legs going downwards.
  4. Use white face paint to draw on some stars, swirls and add some definition to the spider.

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