Budget BBQ Tips

May 3 2018

Budget BBQ Tips

It’s time to enjoy the sunny days and get your family and friends together for a BBQ party! Hosting an outdoor party doesn’t need to be stressful or cost you a fortune. Our amazing value range will help you save money and these ten tips will ensure that everyone has a great time.

Invite your guests

Set a date and send out invites via text or online messaging with all of the details. As the party draws nearer, put together a final list of attendees so that you know how much food you need to buy and prepare.

Prepare a day earlier

Clean your BBQ grill and get your BBQ tools together so that you’re ready for a grill-up! Also save yourself some stress and prepare food the night before by marinating any meats you need to and chopping up fruit and vegetables. Click here to view our BBQ accessories.

Plan the menu

Get creative and serve up a menu to make everyone’s mouth water! Cook a variety of different meats such as chicken, beef and lamb so that guests have options. Provide some veggie alternatives too in case anyone is vegetarian or if they don’t fancy eating meat. You could also create kebabs with our skewers for any guests who want a little bit of everything! Also remember to include condiments and side dishes.

Decorate and buffet

Brighten up your garden with party decor and our affordable alfresco dining tableware. With everything at €1.50 each you can make your garden look summery and have enough tableware for your guests without overspending. Set up a buffet with plates, cutlery and napkins on both ends to prevent a line building up so that guests can easily pick and choose their favourite foods to eat. Click here to see our Outdoor Living range.

Get the drinks flowing

Why not make your own fruit punch or add your signature twist to a traditional lemonade? Set up a drinks station with our drink dispensers and mason jars for guests to grab a drink.

Play some music

Put your favourite upbeat, summery tunes onto a playlist so that there’s music playing in the background and everyone can have a little boogie outdoors if they feel like it!

Keep the kids entertained

Prevent boredom and tantrums by having some toys ready and games set up in the garden for kids to play with. Click here to see our selection of outdoor games and toys.

No bugs allowed

Use our citronella candles and electric insect zapper to stop bugs from gatecrashing your party!

Tidy as you go

Put a few bin bags out so that everyone can easily throw away any rubbish. This’ll keep your garden clean and you won’t have so much tidying up to do at the end of the day.

Light up the night

As the evening draws in and the party becomes more relaxed, transform the garden into a fairy-tale garden with our solar lights. You can also create a peaceful atmosphere by placing some of our Moroccan-style lanterns on tables. Click here to view our lights.

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