4 Clever Ways To Be More Organised With VELCRO® Brand

Jan 11 2019

4 Clever Ways To Be More Organised With VELCRO® Brand

Staying organised is not always easy but with these simple organisation tips, you can make clutter a thing of the past! Read on for a couple of clever ways to be more organised with the help of VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

  1. Keep cables tidy

In our multi-device world, it’s easy to let messy wires and cables cluttering your home and office. So here’s a helpful tip: use VELCRO® Brand straps to keep wires and cables tidy and under control. Use them for your phone, laptop and tablet chargers, headphones, TV cables… And say goodbye to tangled cables for good!

They’re fully adjustable and reusable so you can wrap up each wire when you’re finished with it and tidy it away neatly.

  1. Make more use of wall space

Kitchen worktops often attract clutter so here’s a clever tip for making this area of your home more organised: Use wall space more wisely!

Take herb pots, for instance. Instead of leaving them to take up space on your worktop, fix them to the wall with VELCRO® Brand Large Coins. These strong self-adhesive coins are an easy way to create a stylish display on your kitchen wall – and as a bonus, it’ll clear up precious space on your worktop!

  1. Make an organisation wall

Otherwise known as a ‘command centre’, an organisation wall is a space for calendars, noticeboards and to-do lists. It could be in your kitchen, hallway or above your desk and it’s a brilliant way to organise your whole family’s comings and goings. Stick each item to the wall with VELCRO® Brand Strips (that won’t leave holes in your walls like pins) and use your new organisation wall to keep on top of your day-to-day activities.

  1. Make a DIY wall-mounted spice rack

This is one of the most popular uses of VELCRO® Brand Strips – and it’s a great way to improve your kitchen organisation. Choose a wall space and attach each spice jar to the wall with a VELCRO® Brand Strip. This is a neat and tidy way to store them away but it also means that your spice jars will be to hand when you need them!

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