10 Quick Tips For Better Laundry

Apr 3 2014

10 Quick Tips For Better Laundry

Cleaning dirty laundry needn’t be a hassle anymore when you follow these 10 tips to keep your clothes looking their best.

1. Sorting. Some dyes can bleed, even in cold water – so avoid potential laundry disasters by separating your washing into whites, light coloureds, dark coloureds and delicates.

2. Loading. Overfilling the machine with too much washing can lead to residues on your clothes at the end of the wash – leave a gap the width of your hand between the top of the drum and your wash load.

3. Treat Stains as quickly as possible. Remember any stain is more likely to be removed if you don’t allow it to set in. Stain Removers will also help with these problems.

4. Keep whites really white. Some washing detergent powders contain bleach, so they are great for your whites.

5. Avoid colours fading. Many laundry gels, liquids and tablets have no bleach, so they are great for coloured loads – especially the Colour & Style variants.

6. Look after your delicates. Some protein based enzymes in most normal detergents (i.e. which are not designed, nor sold as suitable, for delicates) can damage wools and silks, so use a specialist detergent without them.

7. Dosing. When deciding on how much detergent to use, remember to think about (i) how big your load is, (ii) how much soil there really is (remember there’s usually a lot more than you can see!) and (iii) which water hardness area you live in.

8. Help your favourite clothes look great for longer. Use the right wash cycle and temperature based on the fabric care label.

9. Fabric Softeners do a lot more than simply making your clothes smell great and feel nice and soft. They can reduce drying time, make ironing easier, protect colours and decrease static cling!

10. Avoid a smelly washing machine. Run a regular maintenance wash (60-90°C wash cycle, NO clothes, and with a bleach containing detergent) every 6-8 weeks, or as necessary.

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Daz Lenor Ace


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