What to do in the Garden in April

Mar 30 2019

What to do in the Garden in April

April Gardening Tips

Spring has arrived at last and now you can get down to some serious gardening but beware of any late frosts. Keep your new plants protected by keeping them sheltered overnight if frost is forecast. Here is what we are doing in the garden in April.

General garden maintenance

  • Feed trees, shrubs, and hedges with a slow release fertiliser around the base of the plants, lightly fork it in and if it’s dry make sure you water well afterwards.
  • Start planting your new perennials.
  • Start staking herbaceous plants now before the growth is too tall – that way you will get a much more natural effect.
  • Take preventative measures to stop slugs and snails from damaging young fresh shoots.
  • Prepare soil well ready for sowing vegetable seeds directly into the ground by lightly digging it, then raking which will break up any lumps – you’re aiming for a fine “crumb” texture.
  • Stop weeds growing by regularly hoeing – for best results do it on a dry, sunny or windy day.
  • Keep an eye on containers as the can easily dry out on a warm sunny day – it’s worth putting them on saucers to make the best use of any rain or watering.
  • Don’t forget to get your shed tidy and organised so you can find all of your tools easily.

Flowers and plants

  • April is a great time to plant your new season roses.
  • Flowering bulbs are one of the most reliable ways of adding colour to a patio or border – now is the time to plant lilies for summer colour and fragrance.
  • Flower borders will benefit from a sprinkling of general purpose fertiliser like fish, blood and bone, lightly fork in and remove perennial weeds as you go.

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