The Benefits of Fabric Softeners

Apr 4 2014

The Benefits of Fabric Softeners

lenor_logoMost people think fabric conditioners are just there to make clothes feel soft and smell nice…but they do far more than this!

Reduce wrinkling
Reduce Wrinkling Fabric conditioners reduce inter fibres friction which results in smoother clothes.

Make ironing easierMake Ironing Easier
Make ironing easier – by lowering fabric surface friction the iron slides more easily over the clothes so less effort is needed!

Helps to protect colours & keep them brightHelps protect colours
Preventing the colour from fading in the next wash by (i) reducing abrasion on the fabric surface, hence less colour loss (ii) protecting the fibres and keep them smooth (no fuzzy effect).

Reduce drying timeReduce Drying Time
Reduce drying time by absorbing less water during the rinse which means clothes are less wet at the end of the cycle.

Decrease static clingDecrease Static Cling
Decrease Static Cling by (i) neutralising the charged particles in scratchy fabrics and (ii) significantly reducing friction between the fibres. Especially helpful with Synthetic and permanent-press fabrics.

How fabric conditioner works…

Fabrics in a wash solution have a negative charge on the surface. Fabric conditioners such as Lenor, contain positively charged surfactants (called cationic surfactants). During the final rinse stage, the fabric conditioner bonds to the fabric surface to provide an amazingly soft feel.

How fabric conditioner dispenser works…

1. Add fabric softener at the start of the washing process. Softener cannot escape from compartment.

2. During the final rinse fill, water flushed into the compartment triggers the siphon. Softener is drawn through the siphon. Some water also overflows from the back of the compartment.

3. The siphon continues until the compartment is dry at the end of the wash cycle and ready for the next wash.

How Fabric Softeners work

Expert TipsExpert Tip never fill beyond

  • Never fill beyond the Maximum level – it will only cause problems! –  Filling beyond the Maximum level indicator in the dispenser compartment triggers immediate release of the fabric conditioner. This means that it will interfere with how well the detergent works and you won’t get any of the conditioner benefits listed above!
  • Regularly clean/flush the dispenser compartment with warm water to avoid the siphon blocking! Sometimes your washing machine does not dispense the fabric conditioner simply because the siphon may be blocked. Check the siphon for any signs of build up.Expert tip siphon
  • Clearing a blocked siphon in a typical dispenser – There is usually a removable cover to help prevent the siphon becoming blocked. Open the compartment by lifting out the cover to expose the siphon. Clean residues by running the compartment under the hot tap. Scrubbing with an old toothbrush may help.

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