How To Make A Loom Band

Jun 16 2014

How To Make A Loom Band

Loom Bands GroupLoom bands are the latest craze and everyone is making funky, colourful loom bracelets. Whether you’re looking to make a neon loom bracelet or a glitter one, we have a range of loom bands available in many different colours and styles at Dealz.

They’re also great party bag fillers! Take a look at our loom bands online or at your nearest store!

Here is a step by step guide on how to make a simple loom bracelet.

1Insert rubberband into S clip

2Pass second rubberband through first rubberband

3Fold to make a double loop

4Pass next rubberband through the double loop

5Fold again to make another double loop

6Repeat step 3 to make length needed. Repeat approximately 24 times to make a bracelet size

7Pass the last double loops through the other end of the S clip

8Close and enjoy your bracelet!

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