Frankenstein Face Paint How-To

Oct 22 2018

Frankenstein Face Paint How-To

The monsters are out! Here’s how to create a Frankenstein look for Halloween.


  1. Paint the face green and use a brush to draw on the details.
  2. Use the red face paint to draw on ‘cuts’ and add a line of black paint onto the edges to give them some depth. We’ve also drawn a few dots to make them look a bit more cartoonish.
  3. Draw on thick eyebrows and create a bushy eyebrow effect with brushstrokes going upwards. Add a few white ‘hairs’ too.
  4. Paint the lips black and draw a line from both edges of the mouth to create an extended smile. Draw on a few vertical lines along the smile in both black and white.
  5. Add ‘bolts’ on each side of the face by painting a white hexagon shape and adding in detail with black face paint.

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