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Feb 21 2014

Make Your Own Pasta Sauce

This easy recipe will certainly bring your pasta to life with its creamy texture and delicious flavour.

Feb 20 2014

Our new and exclusive Indulgent snacking range

Being spoilt for choice is an understatement with our new Indulgent snacking range.

Feb 17 2014

Half Term Fun

It’s half term and children love to have fun. Keep them occupied and engaged whilst satisfying their creative side with these activities.

Feb 13 2014

How to create a hanging basket

Keep your garden looking colourful with our hanging baskets seed starter mix.

Feb 13 2014

Grow your own cherry tomatoes

How To Grow Your Own Tomatoes Growing tomatoes can be done indoors with our handy┬áseed starter kit. What You Will Need Each tomato seed kit contains 50 seeds, compost and a propagator What To Do Empty the compost into the propagator and water lightly with a watering can. The soil just needs to be moist, […]

Feb 10 2014

Windowsill Herbs

Herbs add flavour to many dishes and with our Kitchen Herbs Seed Collection you can grow your own.

Feb 4 2014

What to do in the Garden in February

We’re closer to spring this month and with the days becoming lighter for longer, the increased sunlight means that gardens can be prepared for the season ahead.